Fast Facts Romania

3 Oct

Fast Facts Romania

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Romania is a mystic country located in Southeastern Europe. The country flaunts some stunning scenery, preserves a rich history, tasty food and interesting culture. Want to know more? Here are some fast facts about the magnificent country that is Romania:


  • Romania is the biggest country located in Southeastern Europe. The area of the country is 92,043 square miles or (238,391 square kilometres). In comparison to scales, it’s the same size as the U.K and just a tad smaller than the U.S. which is Oregon.


  • It’s home to the Carpathian Mountains which are one of greatest unruffled forests in the whole of Europe. This alluring range houses over 400 types of special and unique animals such as the indigenous Carpathian chamois (a goat antelope), European brown bears, Carpathian squirrels and many others. Likewise, it has over 1,350 floral species like the yellow poppy, Transylvanian columbine, saxifrage and edelweiss.


  • Since 1857 oil has been exploited commercially, which was two years before the discovery of oil in Pennsylvania. Similarly, during World War II it was Romania who was the largest producer of oil in Europe.


  • The faith of the majority of Romanians are Christian and its oldest church is still standing! This is the Denus Church which was built in the 600s, in Transylvania on the site of a 2nd-century Roman temple.


  • Timisoara a city in Western Romania was the first city in Europe to have electric street lighting in 1889. Timisoara is also unique as it was the first European city to introduce horse-drawn trams in 1869.


  • In relation to electricity, the Peles Castle was the first European castle built by an electrical current. The electricity was produced by the castles own plant. On a similar note, the castles central heating as well as vacuum systems were built in 1883 and are still in use.


  • It’s home to the Voronet Monastery built-in 1488 and stands in the North East of the country. It’s known worldwide for it’s interior and exterior. Especially it’s wall paintings that have a common shade blue known as Voronet blue.


  • It has its first industrial oil refinery opened in 1857 at Ploieşti located in Southern Romania.


  • Romania also houses the tallest wooden church in the world and is the second tallest wooden structure in Europe. This is located in Sapanta Peri- Maramures (Northwestern Romania). The churches cross is 23 feet and weighs 1000 Ibs, situated on the top of the church! Whilst the church in total is 257 feet tall and is dedicated to St Michael.


  • Over 25 million people speak the 1700-year-old Romanian language.


  • Romania is a member of Francophonie which is an organisation of governments who use French as a first language or have a unique affiliation with the French language or culture.


  • Romanian is also one of the five languages that have religious services performed in the autonomous monastic state of Mount Athos (Greece).


  • This country is one of the best in the world for 4G network. As per the telegraph it offers a fourth place out of 78 nations in the world.



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