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The GreenBox

Giving back

How we give back Through ETP´s Foundation GreenBox, we give back to the destinations we work in, with a percentage of profits going into GreenBox and our charity support and development work. This activity is based in countries we know well, and facilitated via organisations with whom we have close relationships. We also provide aid on an emergency basis in crises like the Nepal earthquake. ETP was established with this in mind;... a local storytelling platform – our newly launched storytelling platform

We have launched - a storytelling platform for local voices, authentic travel inspiration. For far too long, travel experiences and storytelling have been shaped by visitors, for visitors. This consumer-centric model reinforces stereotypes, exploits people’s heritage and culture, and fails to give agency to communities — all while providing minimal benefit to the places people travel. At Resonate, our mission is to nurture local pride as the most sustainable asset in any...

Lamin Bojang - Founder of Gunjur Museum

The Gambia | With Passion for Natural & Cultural Heritage

Podcast Episode 06 | With Passion for Natural & Cultural Heritage Lamin Bojang is the Founder behind Gunjur Village Museum. A museum that focused on the natural & cultural heritage. since I met him the first time, about nine years back, I understood early on how much he wanted the museum to become a reality. Lamin wants to make sure that the younger generation can learn about their history in the years to come....

Podcast Norbu Lama

Podcast | Heritage Homestay in Rural Takdah with Norbu, India

Podcast Episode 05 | Heritage Homestay in Rural Takdah with Norbu G. Lama When I was in Darjeeling in October 2018, my friend and responsible tourism college Raj Basu from Help Tourism recommended me to visit Norbu G. Lama and his Heritage Homestay in rural Takdah, West Bengal Northeast India. It was in the search of finding experiences for Ethical Travel Portal with the combination of being located off beaten track, that gives...