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Bring Romania to your kitchen and Make Chilli Jam

In the mountains of Romania, a tranquil yet straightforward life is lead by its inhabitants. Andrada Nica and her family began a new life in the mountains rebuilding their grandparent's 150-year-old house. They built it purely from nature without any sourced from stone from the valley, soil from their garden wood from the forest, water from the fountain and no specialized craftsmen, only from an older man eager to give...

Bring Nepal to your Kitchen and Make Puri Takari

Puri Takari is commonly ate in Nepal for breakfast, as a snack and also at special rituals. It's a go-to food for many locals and vegetarian. They are perfect for any time of the year and great to make in your home.  Go on, let's bring a favourite of the Nepalese locals and make Puri Takari in your home, here is a recipe:  Ingredients: Whole wheat flour x 3 cups Cooking oil ...

Travel Around the World through Food

Times are changing; the way we think, communicate and behave is changing. Just because we're stranded at home in the Covid19 pandemic, does not stop us from roaming other routes. One route, in particular, you can explore is by recreating familiar continental dishes or even experience them for the first time. Travel through the minds and tastebuds of a local and devise some tasty delicacies. If you can't visit the...

Bring Vietnam to your kitchen and make Banh Mi

Vietnam is renowned for its noodle, rice and soup-based dishes. However, one famous dish which is quite the opposite is its staple street food desire, is the Banh Mi. A crunchy baguette local type breakfast (yet you can have at any time of the day). Depending on where you visit in Vietnam, the style of the Banh Mi changes. It was first introduced by the French in the 1950s adopted...

Bring China to your kitchen and make Kong Pao Chicken

Kong Pao is a traditional Chinese dish popular to the Sichuan Province. The scrumptious stir-fried chicken, chilli and the peanut-based dish became known to us by a man named by Ding Bao. Legend has it that there are two slightly different versions of how Kong Pao came into place.   The first story indicates a Sichuan Governor who wandered around Sichuan, disguised as a farmer. He wanted to understand better the needs...

A Small Taste of Ukraine

I am embarrassed to say that I hardly knew anything about Europe's second-biggest country Ukraine before I went there at the end of September. Ethical Travel Portal’s goal is to create a journey for our travellers that are somewhat different and this one was certainly an experience!   I started to work for Ethical Travel Portal this summer and was excited to get the opportunity to experience Ukraine. Part of this trip was...