Weather To Go Romania

3 Sep

Weather To Go Romania

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Romania is based in the South Eastern area of central Europe. It borders with Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Moldova and Serbia. As well as home to mountainous and coastal regions. Therefore has a variety of temperatures throughout the year. Even though, there are variations of temperatures across the country each season serves a unique purpose for visiting.


Winter: December- Mid March

This is the perfect season if you love the cold, lots of snow and winter sports. During these months, most of Romania experiences snowfall. However, the climate varies depending on the region of the country.  Temperatures during these months can range on average between -1 to -2.5 degree Celsius.

In the area surrounding the Carpathian Mountains temperatures can average between -4 to -15 degrees Celsius.


Spring: Mid March-May

A gorgeous season where the wintery remains are shaken off by the blossoming of stunning trees and flowers. Generally, in Romania, spring mornings are cool, the days are warm and evenings are also chilled. Sometimes rainfall can occur which decreases towards the end of the season. The average temperature is around 16 degrees Celsius.


Summer: June-August

 The hottest season with temperatures ranging from 21 to 35 degrees celsius. This is the ideal time of the year if you want to take a dip in the black sea.


Autumn: September- November

A charming season featuring a great canopy of earthly red tones from the falling of leaves across the country. This season has a range of temperatures as it’s on the back of summer and close to winter. Until around October, the temperature across Romania averages around 18-22 degrees Celsius then declines in preparation for the winter. The types of weather in this season is mixed as sometimes there are periods of drought and other days spells of rain can occur.


We advise to also to check the weather forecast prior to your travel as then you will have a good estimate of temperatures and the type of weather that will occur.

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