Travel Insurance | Which one to choose?

An insurance cover forms an important peace of mind element during the trip you are embarking on. Some tips to help you choose the best possible!
10 May

Travel Insurance | Which one to choose?

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Insurance is an important element in the process of travelling. Which one to choose from? What should it cover? These are all questions that are important. Here is a small guide to things to note when you consider travel insurance.

If you are constantly travelling, you might want to take out long term insurance, that covers you for all your travels, throughout the year. This is the easy one, as most often than not, you might have already chosen one, and do not have to think of a specific holiday insurance cover. However, if you are not the type that has a permanent travel insurance cover, you might want to consider the following points:

What sort of activities are you embarking on?

Insurance premiums with certain providers are not blanket and will determine in fine print what it covers. E.g. While the insurance might cover a sickness while eating at a restaurant in Lisbon, it might not cover a trek into 5000 m passes in Nepal. Check the activity you are embarking on.

What should you get insured for?

Some reasons for insurance are simple. They cover sickness, if you break a leg, or robbed, but for some regions of the world and some activities, you have to be extra cautious. What are the chances you will not make your departure flight? Do you need insurance for that? How about a chance of a helicopter rescue, or repatriation back to home country?

Make a list of what you need to be insured for before you visit the company.

How long do you need the insurance cover for?

You might not have to take out a midterm insurance cover or even a long term cover when you are only travelling for a short while. However, if you are travelling several times during the year, you might want to take to your insurance company, as they might not cover you when you really need them to!

That said, we do recommend World Nomads – very hassle-free, and very experienced in Outdoor Travel, which we are all a fan of anyways!

We are a partner of their network, mostly because we have found them to the easiest and hassle-free! Use this handy tool to request a quotation from them. If there is any confusion, do ask us. We are happy to help!


Raj is one of the co-owners at Ethical Travel Portal and looks at future strategies in the company. He is based out of Nepal, and is an expert on experiences in the South Asian part of the world!

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